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/ Family / Apologetics / Youth / Pornography

/ Reshaping Worldviews through Discipleship

/ Touchpoints Between Christian and Islamic Worldviews

/ Teaching and Modelling Permanency in Marriage


Knowing how to introduce Jesus to the Muslims. Breaking stereotypes and giving practical advice on sustaining friendships and making disciples among our Muslim neighbors.

"It's Complicated":
Marriage, Separation, and Re-marriage

Following the discussion of marriage as introduced in the plenary, a panel of guest couples will tackle the diverse issues of marriage and offer practical solutions based on biblical principles as applied in real-life situations.

Keeping it Simple in a Complicated World

Insights and practical tips for small group leaders and potential leaders. Easy steps to establish and nurture a new group, or transform an existing one into a group of disciplers.


Discipling the Next Generation of Leaders

Learn to effectively engage with Millennials and Generation Z. These principles and practical tools will help shape the future of the church and country in favor of the kingdom of God.

CCF Movement:
How We Plant Churches

Pastors from the International and National Church Satellites with years of church-planting experience provide the vision and strategy to expand the movement through organic national and international church planting.

The Power of Sports

Sports and recreation present exciting and relevant opportunities to share Christ with participants and spectators alike. We'll show you how to turn your passion into a personal mission for the gospel.


For over 50 years, Josh Mcdowell has been at the forefront of cultural trends and groundbreaking ministry. He spent his early ministry as a traveling evangelist of Campus Crusade for Christ in Latin America. He has authored and co-authored some 115 books, including the enduring "Evidence that Demands a Verdict". Today, Josh continues his preaching ministry through and his humanitarian ministry through operation carelift.

Rev. Dr. David Oginde is the presiding bishop of Christ is the Answer Ministries (CITAM), a multi-congregational Group with 45,000 members that reaches out to urban communities in Kenya, Africa, and the rest of the world. A man of letters, Rev. Oginde has earned his undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees in Africa and North America. He currently serves as the chancellor and chair of the governing council for Pan Africa Christian University based in Kenya.

Formerly, Abdu was a proud Muslim and student of Islam. But after undertaking a nine-year scholarly investigation of major religions and worldviews, Abdu discovered how the Christian faith answered the questions of both mind and heart. He is one of the leading scholars of Christian thought and apologetics. He is also director for North America for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries.